Stila All Day Matte’ificent Lipstick

As I am writing this, there is a slight twinge of guilt because I feel like I should be focusing on finishing up an assignment due later this week. To make myself feel less guilty and to continue writing this post, I will justify it by assuring myself that it is a small assignment and I still have a few days to finish! ๐Ÿ˜€

Fun fact – I hate procrastinating and doing papers/assignments last minute. Throughout my five years in university so far, I have never had to pull an all nighter. But with that said, I am definitely not a straight A honours student either!

Anyways, I hope you like these sort of off-topic and random intros! I like throwing these types of intros in here because this blog also acts as a journal. I love going through old posts and reading what I was up to at the time of writing!
stila-stay-all-day-matteficient-mon-amiNow, onto the actual makeup review! Today, I will be reviewing the Stila Stay All Day Matte’ificent lipstick. I am a big fan of Stila’s Stay All Day foundation and eyeliner. This is my first time trying their lipsticks for the Stay All Day line.

This lipstick is also not completely matte, it is described as a creamy matte. So if you’re someone who is looking for a completely matte product, this isn’t for you.
stila-stay-all-day-matteficient-mon-ami-2I received the shade mon ami. It is described on Sephora’s website as a “rose nude”. I personally think this shade is more of a muted pink! I normally don’t wear this colour, but I thought I would give it a try.

Honestly, this shade in particular clashed with my skin tone. I’ve always avoided pinks like this in the past because I find it makes me look sick! However, I decided to keep it on the whole day for the sake of this review and to test out the formula!

Apart from this shade, I really enjoyed the formula. As it is described, I found the lipstick to be very lightweight, but very pigmented with a creamy matte finish. Throughout the day, I didn’t find my lips to be sucked dry from the formula, which I was very grateful for. It is infused with castor oil, argon oil, and vitamin E for moisture.

stila-stay-all-day-matteficient-mon-ami-4The lipstick lasted around six hours, with snacking and a meal in between. After about seven hours, half the pigment was gone, particularly in the middle of my lips. I mean, you could definitely still wear it past six hours because it was still there, but itย looked pretty dull and not vibrant anymore.

For $29, I found this lipstick to be just alright. It didn’t blow my mind away, but it is a decent quality product. My favourite part of the product was how pigmented and creamy it was. My least favourite part was that it looked very dull towards the end, and you could see the drying lines.
stila-stay-all-day-matteficient-mon-ami-3On a side note, here is a beauty blogger fail that I’d like to share with you. The struggle of a broken lipstick, SIGH. Yes, there are hacks that you can use to fix this, but the lipstick is inconveniently stuck in the lid and I can’t scoop it out without ruining it and getting it all messy =(

If you are a clumsy person like me, I warn you to be careful with this lipstick as it is very creamy. It is also skinnier than most lipsticks, which increases the chance of it breaking =(

Press product featured. Opinions are own.



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Mr Red1

Mr. Red Cafe

This visit should be officially named as ‘Two girls who knew they ordered too much, but everything is good here so they had to order a lot’.

I’ve been meaning to try Mr. Red Cafe for months now, if not almost a year! Every time we drive by, I make a mental note to try it but it never works out. Well, I was finally able to try it back in June! This is a review of their original location in East Van. Based on the success and popularity of this location, another one opened on Broadway Street earlier this year.

Mr. Red Cafe is not your typical Vietnamese restaurant! Their dishes and food are based on northern Vietnamese cuisine, which is slightly different from the usual which is the south.
Mr Red1Rare beef & beef ball pho: A $9 bowl of pho is more than I’m used to paying, but it was pretty good. I liked how it was not oily.

Even though they don’t use MSG, there was still the standard broth taste to it and I did not leave the restaurant thirsty! Overall, the pho was really great quality and the portion was big, with lots of meat, so I can see why they charge a bit more than normal.
Mr RedSpecial beef noodle pho: My friend has been here a few times already, and this is her go-to pho each time. The broth is the same, but the ‘special’ part just means there is an assorted selection of meat. You can see the generous portion of meat that they serve, and how clear the broth is! We both really enjoyed our pho.
Mr Red2Sticky rice & mung bean dumpling: Most of the reason why I really wanted to try Mr. Red Cafe is because my friend, and fellow food blogger, Eatmunchlove, couldn’t stop raving about these. And they sounded delicious too! So, even though I had already ordered a pho, I couldn’t come here without trying these.

The inside of this filled with mung bean, pork floss, and green rice. I really enjoyed the chewy texture to these. I haven’t had green rice before so I’m not sure what it’s supposed to taste like, but it was salty and sticky as well.

I LOVE my savoury/salty foods and would pick salty over dessert, so I really loved this dish! The sticky rice makes it REALLY filling, and I felt sooo uncomfortably full after having the pho and one of these. So, I ended up bringing the second one home and my mom ended up eating it.
Mr Red 3Banh mi: My friend already knew she would not be able to finish both the giant bowl of pho AND this sandwich, but she said it was really good so she had to order it anyways. She ended up taking half of it back home as well!

I had a bite of the banh mi, and it was incredibly delicious and oh so fresh. The bread was lightly toasted, while the veggies were super fresh and crunchy.

Overall, I really enjoyed Mr. Red and wish I had come sooner! Although the prices are slightly more than I’m used to for Vietnamese food, the quality and portion is very evident. The service was also quick and efficient, and the restaurant was clean and comfortable.

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KORRES Castanea Acadia Line

The boyfriend is currently watching football so I thought I would do one of my favourite hobbies as well – writing and talking about makeup! Summer has officially ended, and I am equal parts sad/happy. I am looking forward to wearing cozy warm clothes, the leaves in the fall, and of course, Christmas and my birthday!

This review seems fitting for this time of the year. The KORRES Castanea Acadia line just launched this past August exclusively at Shoppers. Why do I say it seems fitting? Well, the key ingredient in these creams something found in the Arcadian chestnut tree, as I’ll explain below. Chestnuts seem very autumn to me, especially warm roasted chestnuts… no? Yes?
korres-castanea-acadia-3I love trying to explain beauty products in simpler terms here on my blog. The term ‘Castanea Arcadia’ is very fancy sounding, isn’t it? I have to admit I didn’t know what either of those two words meant until I started writing this post!

Castanea is a plant family (genus if you want to be very scientifically specific), which chestnuts belong to. Arcadia is a province in Greece, and the chestnuts used in this cream are harvested specifically from that region.

The special ingredient in these creams are lupeol. Lupeol is a powerful natural ingredient from the Arcadian chestnut tree, that contains incredible antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and skin-regenerative properties.

korres-castanea-acadiaThe night cream is very rich, and has a thick texture to it. After I wash my face at night, my skin is a bit on the drier side. I apply this cream right before I sleep and give myself a mini massage and rub it into my face.

My skin loves this cream and absorbs it very quickly, and I fall asleep with the beautiful scent of this. When I wake up, my face feels very supple and plump.
korres-castanea-acadia-2The day cream has a texture that is a lot lighter than the night cream. Since both the jars look the same minus the wording, I accidentally used the night cream one time and it felt too thick for a day time moisturizer.

During the day, I like using a lighter cream because my face produces a lot of oil already. A couple dabs on my face keeps it very hydrated. On some mornings, my skin is still very moisturized from the night cream and I skip the day cream because I don’t want my face to become too oily. Perhaps those nights I move around less or my skin doesn’t need as much quenching?
korres-castanea-acadia-4You can see the difference in texture in the picture above. The one on the left is the night cream, which looks and feels thicker.

I have been using both creams for almost a month now, and have been really loving them! They both leave my skin very supple and moisturized. I look forward to putting these on because of how great they smell!

This is the second product I’ve tried from Korres, the first being the rose oil. I absolutely LOVEDDD the rose oil and I’ve been really enjoying this product too! Their products really work well with my skin and do a great job in moisturizing!

The day cream retails for $65, while the night cream retails for $80. So yes, they are expensive creams but have very great quality ingredients! If anything, you could use the creams as an intense moisturizing treatment only when your skin is very dry so the product lasts longer!

Press product featured. Opinions are own.ย 

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Olive & Anchor Horseshoe Bay Vancouver

Olive & Anchor

During the last week of summer, the boyfriend and I went to a bunch of different outdoor places around the Lower Mainland to savour what was left of the season. One of these places was the beautiful Whytecliff Park, which is a bit past West Vancouver and by the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal.

After enjoying an afternoon at Whytecliff Park, we decided to venture to Horseshoe Bay. Four minutes drive later, we arrived into the small but lively village and decided to try Olive & Anchor after I found it on Yelp!

I am really glad we tried this place because everything about it was spectacular!
Olive & Anchor RestaurantSince we had already quickly looked at the menu on Yelp, we knew we wanted to try their happy hour. I also really wanted to try this place because most of their happy hour items were dairy free! Olive & Anchor has some Asian influences in their dishes, which explains why there wasn’t dairy in a number of their plates.
Olive & Anchor Horseshoe BayEbi mayo, $6: We started off with the ebi mayo, which was a shrimp and green bean tempura. After seeing this at another table, it looked kinda small and we were kinda doubtful that it was worth $6.

However, the tempura was fried really nicely and had a lovely crunch to it. It came with Japanese mayo, which we both love a lot. If you haven’t tried Japanese mayo before, I urge you to try it out!
Olive & Anchor VancouverKFC (Korean Fried Chicken) Wings, $6: The chicken wings came in a delicious sweet chili glaze, topped with crunchy cashews and sesame seeds.

The wings were juicy and full of flavour. Just like the ebi mayo, the fried batter on these wings tasted really fresh as well.
Olive & Anchor Horseshoe Bay VancouverCrispy cod taco, $6: I am normally not a fan of tacos (cue GASPS) but I was feeling adventurous that day and ordered this. BOY, am I GLAD I did because this was delicious. This taco right here is starting to convert me into a taco person!

The cod was fried perfectly, while the fish was juicy and flaked off nicely. The taco came with a generous amount of fresh veggies and a slice of avocado. I was seriously considering ordering another one but stopped myself.
Olive & Anchor Horseshoe Bay 1Fish poppers, $6: These were like mini fish fillets. Again, the fish was juicy and flaky with a very fresh and crunchy batter. So good!

Olive & Anchor really wowed us not only with their food, but with their service as well. Our server was really friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. I wish that all servers were this amazing.
Olive & Anchor Take outI have nothing but good words to say about Olive & Anchor. I wish we discovered this place at the beginning of summer, so we could take advantage of the outdoor seating and ferry view more. But, I know that we will definitely be back!

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Estee Lauder Fall Preview 2016

Ah, how I love thee, Estee Lauder. I am back again with a preview of the upcoming Estee Lauder products, this time for the Fall 2016 season!
estee-lauderI’ll start off with the Estee Lauder foundation bar, which features five of their different foundations. How pretty is this table? I seriously LOVE it, and the flowers make me so happy.

Four of the foundations pictured here have already been released, but I’ll be talking about the one launching this season below.
estee-lauder-foundationJust a close up of one of their foundations, because I found this so aesthetically pleasing!
estee-lauder-beauty-blenderOkay, now back to actual information hahaha! This is the Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick. What’s cool about this product is that there is a sponge applicator at the top, as you can see.

Having the sponge applicator, which feels the same as a Beauty Blender, makes it very travel friendly and easy to use. You don’t have to worry about finding a brush or sponge to blend your foundation!

The foundation itself gives a nice warm and radiant glow, while moisturizing your skin. I would say this is a light-medium finish. It also has a nice and clean scent!
estee-lauder-re-nutrivThis is the luxury line for Estee Lauder, Re-Nutriv. We all oooh-ed and ahhh-ed over the scent, texture, and ingredients of these luxury products.

In particular, I really liked the Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Regenerating Youth Serum. It looks really cool and when we tested it on our skin, I liked how there was a little shimmery glow on my hand!
estee-lauder-lipstickHere are the new shades for the Pure Color Envy line! Inside these lipsticks are a new Optical Pearl Blend, which transforms lip shape with a unique prismatic optic blend for amplified lips.

In addition, the lipsticks include an Exclusive Time Release Encapsulated Moisture Complex with Hyaluronic Acid! This basically means that lips are kept moisturized and smooth due to the timed release of the hyaluronic acid.

I really love Estee Lauder lipsticks for their creaminess, pigmentation, and magnetic caps. The lipstick cap snaps nicely together with the magnet and I love playing with it sometimes, hehe. You can really see and feel the quality of their lipsticks, which is why I love them so much!
estee-lauder-modern-muse-rougeThis season comes the Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss! This is a sexy, fierce, and bold take on the previous Modern Muse perfumes. It really does smell sexy, if that makes any sense? LOL.

The scent is best described as fruity, spicy, and woody with woody being the most noticeable. I noticed a fruity scent as first, and then it turns into a more spicy and woody scent.

estee-lauder-aerin-perfumeThe second perfume launching this fall is by AERIN. AERIN is a line created by Estee Lauder’s granddaughter. This is the AERIN Tangier Vanille. As the name suggests, there is a strong vanilla scent, which I found very warm and comforting. Is it strange that I want to describe it as a delicious scent due to the vanilla and chocolate scents that I detected? Haha!

It is named Tangier Vanille because this perfume is created from Morrocan vanilla,one of the finest vanillas in the world, and Tangier is a city in Morroco. It also just sounds very lovely!

Other notes of this floral, amber, sandalwood, and soft musk. As you can tell, it is a wonderful scent for the colder seasons, where we could use some warmth.
estee-lauder-pink-ribbonLast but definitely not least, is the Pink Ribbon collection. The Pink Ribbon Collection is a breast cancer research foundation founded by Estee Lauder. Each of the products in this collection have a pink ribbon to signify that part of the proceeds go towards breast cancer research.

Well, there you have it ๐Ÿ™‚ What product did you like most in this preview? Keep an eye out for these products on shelves in the upcoming months!


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ELF Toner

ELF Tone Adjusting Face Primer

Since I’ve been jobless for the past few months and will continue to be while I strap on and focus on my FINAL semester of university, I’ve been cutting down on a lot of my spending. Lately, I’ve been really into looking at drugstore alternatives to alleviate costs!

I came across the ELF Tone Adjusting Face Primer while watching beauty videos on Youtube. One of my favourite beauty gurus, Weylie, really recommended this primer and said it kept her foundation locked in on a 40 degrees Celsius day picking berries in the California heat.

ELF Toner

For only $8, I was really intrigued and wondered if it would work just as well for me! I bought the primer a few weeks later at my local Superstore.
ELF Tone Adjusting PrimerThe product is pretty straightforward and easy to use. It dispenses in a pump, and is green. Green helps cover up redness, which I tend to have.

I usually pump about one and a half pump for my full face. Once you put it on your face, it really smooths out your skin and creates a nice, lightweight and breathable film for your foundation to go on. It also blurs out your pores nicely.
ELF Primer SelfieTo give this primer the ultimate test, I wore it to Whytecliff Park on a super hot, 30 degree day. The sun was shining directly on me, no shade at all, and the perfect weather to climb the huge boulder (about a 10 minute steep trek up the boulder).

I was SUPER IMPRESSED when I got back home, and my foundation was just as nice as when I had put it on in the morning!
ELF PrimerHere is another picture with the primer, with no filter or photo editing. I am also wearing the L’Oreal true match foundation and Maybelline mineral powder. The two products work well with the primer and are really blendable!

I’ve been using this for about three weeks now, and I absolutely LOVE it and am so impressed! My makeup lasted a full day with this on. Even my blush did not budge at all, and stayed put at the end of the day. For only $8, it is definitely a steal!

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Jia Plus5

Jia Plus Fusion Cafe

I don’t know about you, but I rarely venture out to Pitt Meadows. There hasn’t ever really been a reason to hang out in Pitt Meadows, until now! One of my friends opened up a cute little cafe in Pitt Meadows last year, in Osprey Village.

We were pretty surprised at how fast the drive was to Pitt Meadows! It was a bit under 30 minutes from Burnaby. Without traffic, the drive is really smooth and easy.
Jia Plus10 Osprey Village is a new development in Pitt Meadows right by the river. It reminded me of a quaint little seaside village, similar to Steveston but a lot more quieter, community focused, and no salt water smell.

There is one central street, which is lined with little boutique stores. There is also plenty of parking, and also a big parking lot for visitors!
Jia Plus9If you didn’t already guess by the name, Jia Plus serves Asian style beverage and snacks. All the syrups are made daily by Vicky, and the teas are brewed fresh! The price is really reasonable as well.

Jia Plus1The cafe has five tables inside and does not feel cramped at all. There are also a couple of patio seats, which are perfect for the summer! The high ceilings and warm lights makes it feel very comfortable.

The artwork inside the cafe is actually a partnership with a local art gallery down the block, and customers are able to purchase the original pieces.
Jia Plus5Passion fruit green tea w/ pearls: It had all the qualities that I looked for in a bubble tea, and more. The jasmine green tea and a really fragrant and floral flavour, which is my absolute favourite when it comes to green tea. I am very picky about my jasmine green tea and this one tasted absolutely perfect. In addition, the pearls had the perfect chewy consistency and tasted fresh.

Unfortunately, I don’t recall exactly what my friends ordered. However, they all also really enjoyed their drinks!
Jia Plus6Ramen: Apart from the drinks, Jia Plus also has some food items as well! The majority of us ordered the ramen. Vicky cooks the broth from scratch, and you can really taste the quality in it. The ramen also comes with a slice of tender pork, egg, and bamboo shoots. It was very comforting and filling, perfect for the cloudy day when we visited.
Jia Plus7BBQ Chicken Rice Bowl: I know, it doesn’t look like a rice bowl right? The rice was actually underneath the greens! Sadly, I didn’t get to try this because the dressing had dairy in it. However, my friends are also all foodies and I trust their opinion when they said it was really good!
Jia Plus8Jia Plus also offers cute little macaroons!

All in all, Jia Plus is a fantastic little cafe with one of the best green teas in the Vancouver area. Everything is made with quality, and you can definitely taste it.

JIA PLUS Fusion Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Suika – Updated Visit

Suika was one of the first blog posts I’ve ever written! Two and a half years later, I am back with an updated post on one of my favourite restaurants in Vancouver. For Valentine’s Day this year, the boyfriend and I decided to just go somewhere familiar and tasty. We’ve been here a few times already, since we both love it here.
Suika4Suika shirley temple, $4.80: I love the drinks at Suika, and decided to order this since it’s been awhile! The Suika shirley temple comes with calpico (Japanese yogurt drink), fresh watermelon puree, soda, and lime. This was deliciously sweet, with the watermelon tasting very fresh. Unfortunately, I found out that calpico may contain milk, so I decided not to chance it and ruin our dinner and ended up only drinking half of it. I know, how sad =( The boyfriend had the rest and he thought it was pretty good.
Suika1Sashimi salad, $11.80: I don’t even know why I like sashimi salad so much, when I don’t even like regular salad. It must be the sesame/miso/garlic style dressing that Japanese restaurants use that I like so much, coupled with fresh seafood! It’s such a clear and healthy, yet delicious dish. Everything in this salad was delectably fresh, including the sashimi and the greens!
Suika2Tuna tataki, $7.20: My must order recently is the sashimi salad, and the boyfriend’s is the tuna tataki! This was very delicious with the inclusion of the home made chili oil but it wasn’t extremely spicy.
Suika3Ebi mayo, $9.80: We liked this the last time we came here, so decided to order it again. Unfortunately, the batter was really bland and tasteless. The batter also did not taste that fresh as well, it was a bit soggy.
Suika5Kakuni bibimbap: After cracking an egg and stirring it around for you, it is recommended to let this sit for 3-5 minutes to let the stone bowl cook the rice, making it crispy! We’ve ordered this in the past and it was delicious this time as well.  We found that this had a salty fish flavour even though we only saw beef. However, the boyfriend does not like the taste of salty fish so he didn’t eat that much of it.

We were actually getting pretty full at this point and ended up packing half of this back home.
Suika7Tokyo oxtail ramen, $9.80: I always get this when I come here because it’s so delicious! It is very flavourful and comes with a chunk of oxtail, that has a fair amount of tender and flavourful meat. The noodles were nice and bouncy as well!

We ended up packing some of this back too, as we were too stuffed by the end of our meal to fathom finishing it.
Suika6Aburi toro battera, $12.80. Lightly pressed fatty tuna with avocado, sesame seeds, and home made soy dressing. We haven’t ordered this before here, but man, was this DELICIOUS!  The lightly torched fatty tuna went really well with the creamy avocado and soy dressing. I let the boyfriend have most of this because he loves tuna, and wasn’t too satisfied with the bibimbap due to the salty fish.
Suika8We were looking forward to their frozen grapes, but they didn’t have it this time! =( We got candies instead. I forgot what flavour they were (I’m assuming watermelon?) but they were pretty good.

All in all, we enjoyed our visit to Suika and it never disappoints us. Most of their food is consistent (albeit the ebi mayo) and service is always quick and efficient. I would recommend trying Suika if you haven’t already! It’s a good place to go with a group of people and split the tapas over drinks.

Oh, another thing is that they’re usually fully booked with reservations on the weekend, so I would definitely recommend making a reservation before coming here.

Thanks for reading!


Suika Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Stila Highlighter

ACI Fall 2016 Preview

I feel as if I haven’t blogged for awhile, although it’s only been a week! As some of you may know already, the past two months were absolutely crazy for me. I finally have the tail end of summer to relax, and I’ve been really trying to savour the sunny days before fall rolls in.

Another year has gone by, and it is time to share with you all the upcoming products from ACI Beauty. ACI is a Canadian beauty distributor, or in super simple terms, they bring products to the shelves of our favourite beauty stores.
Paul & Joe Looney TunesPaul & Joe never fails to impress me with their product designs. Like seriously, who designs their packaging because it is seriously amazing. This season, Paul & Joe have partnered up with Looney Tunes to launch a limited collection set of themed products!

Last fall, the boyfriend and I watched Bugs Bunny at the Symphony, presented by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. I am really loving how companies are coming out with modern ways to invoke nostalgia. (Side note, I really recommend going to the Bugs Bunny at the Symphony if the VSO brings it back! Not sponsored btw)
Paul & Joe blushThese were too cute not to include. Apart from the lipsticks, they also have blush and shadow compacts with the limited edition Looney Tunes sets. Which one is your favourite design?
Paul & Joe catRemember the cat lipsticks I talked about last year? Well, Paul & Joe has launched a new cat blush this season. The cats here are also blush beads. But with a product so cute, I would be really reluctant to use it up.
Cargo CosmeticsCargo is a brand that I’ve seen here and there, but I was able to learn more about it at the event. I am a big fan of palettes, so I am pretty excited to try and test their palettes out!
Korres CreamI raved about my Korres wild rose oil back in May, and have really started to take a liking to this Greek brand. This Fall, they are releasing a few skincare products and a soap bar.

I’ve been using the wild rose day cream & night mask for the past week, the two on the left and right pictured above. So far, it’s been working really well with my skin and leaves it hydrated and plump. I’m going to use it a bit longer before I write the review, but I’ve been really loving it!
Stila HighlighterThis star light, star bright highlighting trio is part of Stila’s holiday collection. Just like their putty foundation that I reviewed last year, the highlighters also have a nice bounce to it.
Stila Liquid LipstickSome liquid lipsticks from Stila! These come in sets of three, but I just put them all together so you can see what colours they offer.
Ceramic GlazeNail polishes from Seche & Ceramic Glaze. Both are companies that I can vouch for. Once I discovered the Seche Vite top coat, there was no going back. Seriously, it’s a phenomenal top coat and I recommend that you try it for yourself if you haven’t already.
Fusion BeautyFusion is a smaller brand that I haven’t tried that much of yet, but so far, I’ve been really liking the browfusion. It is a double ended brow pencil and gel. I love how angled the pencil is, and how easy it is to get a nice shape!

Apart from the browfusion, they seem to specialize in mascaras. Pictured above are their new mascara launches, which I need to try!
St TropezLast but not least, new products from St. Tropez. Self tanning seems pretty intimidating to me, I’ve heard many horror stories of people trying this at home and coming out looking like an orange. Perhaps one day I’ll give it a shot!

However, we were told that the gradual tan mousse (pictured on the right, the white can) is perfect for beginners because the tan builds up slowly!

Press event. Opinions are own.

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Estee Lauder Skin Glowing Balm

Estee Edit Skin Glowing Balm

If you’ve missed my previous posts, Estee Edit is a new line launched by Estee Lauder. Think of Estee Edit as the hip, trendy, younger sister! Over the past few months, I’ve been slowly reviewing some of their products.

Today, I will be talking about the Estee Edit Skin Glowing Balm, which unfortunately, did not work well with my oily skin.
Estee Lauder Skin Glowing BalmThe Skin Glowing Balm describes itself as a tinted moisturizer that enhances your natural skin, without covering it up. In addition, this product is supposed to leave you with a nice glow and is infused with ultra hydrating ingredients such as shea butter, primose oil, and muru muru seed butter (What even is that? It sounds cool).

I definitely agree that this is a tinted moisturizer, although it looks like a liquid foundation at first glance to me. The coverage is very light, although it feels slightly heavy and has a strange scent to it.
Estee Lauder Skin Glowing Balm 2I know this looks very light in contrast to my tanned arm, but my face is a lot lighter than my arm. I have the shade chanois, and I found it matched perfectly with my skin tone.

Although it matched really well, I had a hard time agreeing with this product. As mentioned above, I found it to feel quite heavy and uncomfortable to wear, even though it’s supposed to be a light tinted moisturizer. It was also chunky when I dispensed it onto my hand and hard to blend.

In addition to the strange smell, it didn’t make my skin glow or look radiant at all. It looked cakey, left a lot of streaks, and did not last that long (especially in the heat!). For the areas that my glasses touched my face, the product came off really quickly so it looked splotchy.
Estee Lauder Skin Glowing Balm 3So I thought, ‘hmm, maybe if I add some of my Korres facial oil it would help”, as I love dripping the Korres oil into my other foundations for a beautiful dewy, glowy finish. Nope. As you can see above, it did not want to mix at all.

I’ve tried a variety of different products to use with this – different primers, different setting powders, different foundations, etc but the result was still the same for me. A combination that I liked a lot was the ELF green primer, this product, and the Maybelline mineral powder – it left my skin looking flawless, but this product ended up coming off and looked cakey within four hours.

I wouldn’t wear this by itself because I like medium+ coverage, and it still felt heavy despite not improving my skin complexion at all! If my foundation is going to feel heavy, I rather it at lest have some sort of coverage. 

I really love recommending makeup products to you guys, but there will always be some products that don’t work well for me. And I am always honest in my reviews. All in all, I can’t recommend this product for oily skin. It is not worth the price either, which is $36 CAD. 

Perhaps for combination or dry skin, it would be better. My skin type tends to change as the seasons shift, so I will be trying this when my skin becomes drier in the winter time. I will do an update then!

On a happier note, I have really enjoyed all of the other Estee Edit products! Keep an eye out for those in the coming months ๐Ÿ™‚ Here is a review on the awesome lip flips and a brief overview of the products!

Press samples featured. Opinions are own.


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