October Lipstick Challenge – Update!

Well, if you’ve been following me on Instagram these past two weeks, you would have probably realized that I stopped posting daily lipstick looks for my challenge.

Yup, I failed the challenge. Here is the main reason I failed it.

Picture from Tumblr, not Benji! Sad bunny is sad.
I RAN OUT OF LIPSTICKS to use. I had just cleared out my makeup stash last month, which included lipsticks. Bad idea to do a challenge right after clearing out your collection.

Before doing this challenge, I knew I didn’t have 31 lipsticks but thought I would just end up going to the store and buying some. Well, I didn’t end up doing that (except for picking up 3 essence lipsticks) because there was never a convenient time to go.

I decided it would be smarter to order some lipsticks online, since I didn’t really have time to shop in person. I found a really good deal on Sephora, and placed an order. It claimed it would only take 2-4 days, so I thought, okay, that’s not so bad.

WRONG. The shipping actually took a week. In that week, I didn’t have any remaining lipsticks I wanted to try. That was pretty annoying, and why I hate online shopping. I’m too impatient.


The order finally arrived today, and I am pretty excited to try all the new lipsticks!

Even though I technically ‘failed’ the challenge, I will continue to be trying a new lipstick shade for the next two weeks. That will make up for last week.

I’m still going to call it the October lipstick challenge for consistency sake, the marketing professional in me can’t stand non-consistence wording, etc. So when you see two posts in November labelled “October Lipstick Challenge”, you know why!

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Seven Deadly Sins of Makeup Tag

So I didn’t feel like writing another review today, and decided I would do a tag! I came across this tag from Robyn of Lipstick on the Lake. This is the Seven Deadly Sins of Makeup Tag!

GREED: What’s your most inexpensive beauty item? What’s your most expensive beauty item?
Hmmm, the most inexpensive beauty item would be the essence eyebrow designer. I bought it in August for only $2, and have been using it everyday! I don’t have a picture of it separately, but I did include it in my Introduction to Essence Cosmetics post.

The most expensive beauty item would have to be a toss up between the Naked 1,2,3, palettes or the Kat Von D shade & light palette. The Naked palettes were gifted to me for my birthday/Christmas over the past three years from two people. So, the most expensive beauty item that I have personally bought would have to be the Kat Von D shade & light palette.
essence1WRATH: What item do you have a love/hate relationship with?

I am going to just make this an overall product instead of an item. It would have to be blush! Out of all makeup, I am the least skilled in blush. It seems like I can never apply it evenly on both sides, one side always has too much/little and then it’s just a slippery slope from there.

Here is one of the only times I liked how my blush turned out! I am wearing the Estee Edit Barest Blush in Coy Coral.

estee-edit-blushGLUTTONY: What brand takes up most of your collection?

Ooooh… it would definitely have to be Urban Decay. Urban Decay Naked Foundation, Naked 1/2/3 palettes, pencil eyeliner, gel liner, eyeshadow pot, primer potion, setting spray, mascara, erm yea the list goes on! Urban Decay has amazing products if you are looking for something extremely long lasting.

I spy… three Urban Decay products from this Night Out Makeup Look post from a year ago!
aillis201510242049836SLOTH: What product do you neglect the most due to laziness?

This is probably going to be surprising since I know this product is a favourite for lots of people, but it is mascara. Yup. I rarely use mascara, for many reasons. The main reason I guess since I always wear glasses, you can’t really see my lashes so there isn’t a point.

As well, I just don’t really like using it because it’s either clumpy or it doesn’t hold the whole day.

The picture below is with the Benefit They’re Real! mascara and Naked 3 palette. Even though I don’t like mascaras, one of the best ones I’ve tried (and believe me, I’ve tried a lot in attempt to finally like mascara), is this one! Sorry the picture is so small, it is from 2.5 years ago when I was a blogging noob.


PRIDE: What product gives you the most confidence?

If you asked me this two years ago, or even last year, I would have said eyeliner. Ever since I started wearing makeup almost ten years ago, I would never leave the house without eyeliner!

But, these past few months, it would have to be doing my eyebrows. Doing my eyebrows give me more confidence and makes my face look more defined. I’ve actually stopped wearing eyeliner everyday, never would I have thought that would happen. Instead, I just fill in and shape my eyebrows everyday with my essence brow designer, as mentioned in the first question!
ELF PrimerLUST: Which item is at the top of your beauty wishlist?

Oh giiiirl, there are too many!!! Hmm, I was really wanting the Kat Von D palette but I finally took the plunge and splurged on it two months ago. SO, it would probably have to be the Kylie Jenner lipkits. I know right?!

You’re probably going to judge me for supporting the Kardashians or whatever, but Kylie’s matte lipsticks are AMAZING. They seriously stay on for over 10 hours, don’t transfer, AND are comfortable to wear.

But yeah, I would love to get more of her lip products and maybe even the Kyshadows! I just want more of her products. The hard part is that you can only order it online, and it is calculated with USD and pricey international shipping. So boo.
kylie matte lipstick 22ENVY: Which makeup product looks great on other but not on you?

It would probably have to be mascara! As mentioned previously, you can’t really see it on when I wear glasses (which is all the time) and I never really have good luck with curling my lashes.

However, in an effort to be more body positive and confident, I will say that I think I have nice lower lashes, and lining them with mascara really make my eyes pop!

Hm, my mascara here doesn’t look bad either!

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kylie matte lipstick 22

Kylie Jenner Liquid Lipstick

By now, I’m sure you have ALL heard of Kylie Jenner, or at the very least, the Kardashians. I’m not going to go into detail with them because I do not ‘Keep Up with the Kardashians’ (pun intended) and have never watched their ‘reality’ TV show nor do I ever plan to.

I never took an interest in Kylie’s lip products, until one of my trusted friends told me she was planning on buying her products. The initial reaction of ‘Whaaatt whyyyyy’ shifted to curiosity, which is seemingly fitting for my blog’s name, Curiously Carmen :)!

My friend really enjoyed the formula of her lip kits , much to both of our surprise. Unfortunately, she did not like how one of the shades looked with her skintone, so she gave it to me. Fast forward to today, I am here to review the product!

The product I will be reviewing today is the Kylie matte liquid lipstick in the shade 22. 22 is a beautiful, attention grabbing bright orange-y red.
kylie-matte-lipstick-22Whenever I wear 22, I seem to always receive compliments on the colour. People are often surprised that it is by Kylie Jenner, because they didn’t know that her products were actually pretty decent (myself included in the past).
kylie-matte-lipstick-22-swatchThe swatch above is just from one swipe! You can see how pigmented it is. The top corner looks a bit weird because that was the first spot I swatched, and  it was still drying.

As the name suggests, it is a true matte finish. Once it dries, it does NOT budge, so it is important to apply it slowly and carefully. This is not one of those lipsticks where you can quickly grab it from your purse, and blindly swipe it on your lips without a mirror.

The few seconds that it takes to dry may feel strange if you’re not used to a matte lip product. It dries out my lip at first and I feel the need to put lip balm on. After a couple of minutes, the feeling goes away and it wears pretty comfortably.

kylie-22What I love most about this product is how LONG it lasts. As I said above, this lipstick seriously does not budge. I tested it and wore it for over 9 hours, with meals/drinks/snacks in between and only the middle part faded a little. It is really impressive and so far, the longest lasting lip product I’ve tried.

It is also incredibly pigmented and very true to colour. One swipe is all you will need. Although it is extremely long lasting and highly pigmented, there is no chemical scent or taste to the lipstick and it has never smudged on my lip.
kylie-lipkit-22Here is a picture taken TEN  hours after wear, using bright flash so you can see it better. I applied this at around 1pm, and took it off at 11pm. You can see the middle part start to fade.

During these ten hours, I drank some water, iced tea, and ate a filling sushi & udon dinner. I was positive that the slippery udon would get rid of the lipstick, but nope! Amazing!

Overall, I am really impressed with Kylie’s lip products. I never thought I would try her products, or let alone LOVE it, but I’m really glad I gave it a chance. I’m already thinking of the next shades that I want to try. Unfortunately, they are a bit pricey with the USD conversion and shipping rate seeing how I’m a jobless student right now. But I’m hoping to get some more during Christmas!

Edit: After writing this post, the Kylie Gods were on my side and they offered free international shipping! I wanted to buy them ALLLL, but I behaved and only bought one! It arrived about a week later, and is the Leo shade.

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Sushi Costume w/ Wasabi Headband DIY (No sewing needed)

Yay! Halloween is just around the corner again! I am a bit crazy over costumes because I like to think about them months in advance. In fact, I might actually already think what I’ll be the NEXT year on November 1st!

Although I love costumes and themed events, I am also terrible at DIY, drawing, arts/crafts, and can barely thread a needle. I’ve been wanting to brush up on my sewing skills and maybe take a beginners course somewhere, but haven’t had the time to yet.

Anyway, for Halloween this year, the boyfriend and I have decided to be… SUSHI!!! We seriously LOVE sushi and it is one of foods I can still eat without having a bad reaction.

Everything prepped and made at home from the boyfriend! <3

Well, I’m going to be a salmon nigiri, but the boyfriend will be a sushi chef. He actually worked as a sushi chef last year in between school (long story). From that job, he’s become really good at making rolls and very knowledgeable in sashimi prep and taste.
salmon-sashimi-sushi-costume-wasabi-headband-diyI will first start off with the salmon sashimi costume!

MATERIALS NEEDED FOR SUSHI (Wasabi headband part after):

  • Hot glue gun
  • Fluffy pillow
  • Orange pillowcase OR orange fabric to make the pillowcase – approx 1 square meter
  • White felt
  • Safety pins – approx 10 (optional if you are planning on sewing your pillow case)
  • White shirt
  • A long strip of black fabric approx. 5 inches/12 cm height. Width is depending on your hip size, but it will have to wrap around your body 1.5 times.

salmon-sashimi-sushi-costume-wasabi-headband-diy-51) Put orange fabric around pillow. (Skip if you already have a pillowcase) Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any orange pillowcases so I bought a meter of a random orange fabric at the fabric store. Here is Benji being curious and wondering if there are pellets hidden.

Spread out the fabric and put the pillow in the center. Test out how you’d like to wrap the pillow. I treated mine as if it was a present I needed to wrap.
salmon-sashimi-sushi-costume-wasabi-headband-diy-42) Pin together the fabric. If you have a pillow case, simply pin together the opening. You can also use a hot glue gun for this.

Or, if you know how to sew, just sew it together (Keep in mind this tutorial is for those who can’t sew, so be nice!)
salmon-sashimi-sushi-costume-wasabi-headband-diy-23) Get your white felt and using a ruler, draw equal lines to make the strip. Having lines will make it easier for you to cut the felt evenly.
salmon-sashimi-sushi-costume-wasabi-headband-diy-34) Use the hot glue gun to glue the white strips! You may choose to position them in a V shape like me, or just diagonally.

5) Wear a white shirt. You will be the nigiri rice!

6) Use the black fabric or black belt to wrap the pillow on your back. You may also choose to safety the top part of the pillow to the tshirt for more reinforcement.

7) Done!
salmon-sashimi-sushi-costume-wasabi-headband-diy-6MATERIALS NEEDED FOR WASABI & GINGER HEADBAND:

  • Green loofah
  • Pink fabric
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Headband (one that matches your hair colour or green, pink)

1) Cut up the pink fabric to 5×1 inch rectangles. It is up to you how many, I chose to do 5 slices of ginger.

2) Glue one end of the strip to the headband w/ hot glue gun, starting from either the left or right.

3) Continue gluing the strips, with each one half overlapping the other. The idea is to glue halfway of the headband. You don’t want it all across or that looks kinda weird and not cute.

4) Glue the green loofah towards the side, on top of the pink fabric.

AND DONEEEE! Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures wearing it as Halloween is still almost about 2 weeks away. I still need to find a white shirt to wear, hoping to find a 3/4 sleeve one so I won’t be that cold. As well, I need to safety pin the pillow to said shirt for more reinforcement.

But I will DEFINITELY update this post with a picture once I find that! I just wanted to post this before Halloween incase you’re looking for ideas and instructions.
salmon-sashimi-sushi-costume-wasabi-headband-diy-8As a bonus, you could paint your nails as salmon nigiri too! I used a mix of triangle and diagonally striped sashimi here!

Happy costuming!!!

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October Lipstick Challenge 2016 – Week 2

Week two of the October lipstick challenge was harder than Week 1. Things crept up and I found myself pretty busy suddenly. I also didn’t sleep really well this past week, which made the days harder than it should have been. Oh yeah, cold season has also officially hit. I’ve been trying hard not to get sick this week, with a few people around me that have already fallen victim. Stay warm, hydrated, and get plenty of rest if you’re reading this!

With everything I had to do, I had to make it an effort to remember to apply lipstick, which is quite silly in the grand scheme of things. I also haven’t really been in the mood to trying new colours this week, but that’s probably because I was feeling so blah and busy. Nonetheless, I pushed myself through and was able to finish this week’s challenge.
estee-lauder-pure-colour-envy-empoweredDay 8: Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy in shade Empowered. The last time I wore this was at Chinese New Year, because bright red is a symbol of good fortune and health. It wasn’t as bright as I remembered it to be, which means I’ll feel comfortable wearing it more often.
essence-liquid-lipstick-beauty-secretDay 9: Essence Liquid Lipstick in shade #02 Beauty Secret. I picked up a few lip products this weekend, and this was  one of them. I wasn’t too impressed with the formula because it was more of a gloss than a liquid lipstick, but they were also under $4. It applied pretty sheer and unevenly.

I’ll probably do a more thorough review on these because it seems like you guys like my drugstore reviews!
essence-liquid-lipstick-5-peach-partyDay 10: Essence Liquid Lipstick in shade 05 Peach Party. This was the other liquid lipstick shade I bought over the weekend. Again, it wasn’t as pigmented as I would have liked for a liquid lipstick but I like the colour of this one a bit more!
essence-long-lasting-lipstick-barely-thereDay 11: Essence Long Lasting Lipstick in shade #06 Barely There. This was the third and last lipstick I bought on the weekend! I like the essence lipsticks more than their liquid lipsticks. I actually really liked this colour but it did take many coats to reach the desired colour!
covergirl-wetslicks-blackberryDay 12: Covergirl Wetslicks in shade Blackberry. This was the first dark shade I was ever introduced to! I remember when the Wetslicks line first came out in high school. Rihanna was the Covergirl (pun intended) and I desperately wanted the whole line because everything smelled so nice and fruity.

The line is sadly discontinued now, but I bought this a couple years ago as a throwback. No, this is not from high school- that’s gross and the lipgloss would be too old!
mac-ladybugDay 13: MAC Lipstick in shade Ladybug. Another nice, classic red. I seem to have a lot of classic reds in my arsenal. I don’t wear this as often as I should, mainly because I think it’s a bit too bright. But now that I’m looking at the photo, I don’t think it’s that bad!
revlon-berry-drenchedDay 14: Revlon Moisturious Lip Colour in shade #160 Berry Drenched w/ Stila Stay All Day Liner in shade Cabernet. I really love the combo of these two! Berry Drenched is such a flattering colour, but my only gripe with this is that the lipstick is very grainy and rough.

I think there was either a manufacturing defect or the lipstick crystallized, but I didn’t bring it into any extreme temperatures so that might not be it! I cringe at how sandy it feels, but I do love how the colour looks.

Which lip colour was your favourite in week 2?

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Tentatsu- Burnaby Location 

You may be familiar with the original Tentatsu restaurant in East Van, by Hastings and Nanaimo. Tentatsu recently just opened their second location in Burnaby, about a 8 minute drive from the original!

The boyfriend and I decided to try it on a whim one evening. We wanted to go to our usual and favourite sushi restaurant, Uomo, which is next door but as usual they were jam packed. We have agreed that we won’t be able to go to Uomo as often now that it’s always busy, even though be both LOVE it there.

In addition, Tentatsu was having a 10% grand opening discount! Perfect time to try it out and see if it matched the original.

The restaurant itself is really big and spacious. It reminds me of a dance hall and is good for large groups.

Compared to the original location, I liked the service here a LOT better. Thinking about the service at the original makes me so angry because of how atrocious it was.

The staff weren’t friendly, but quick and efficient enough. Or maybe because I have such low standards from the original Tentatsu that I thought their service was decent (actually, this is definitely the case).

We were also impressed with how they served quality genmaicha tea (Japanese match green tea w/ brown rice) for free! I was happy when our food came quite quickly, unlike the original location where my mom and I waited almost 30 minutes when it wasn’t that busy.

California roll: The California roll was decent, and tasted fresh. It has a good about of ripe avocado inside and topped with crunchy sesame seeds.

Salmon roll: The rice in the salmon roll was still warm, but it was good nonetheless.

Tuna roll: The tuna roll was decent as well, no complaints about it! 

Salmon nigiri: I only wanted one to try their sashimi, but the boyfriend insisted I order 3. You will soon see why it was not a good idea!

The sashimi had a slight fishy taste to it and was fresh. Lately, I’ve been tasting ‘sashimi’ that has the texture of sashimi, but no taste. So, it was a relief when there was a slight salmon taste! 

Negitoro roll: We were dissappointed with this roll because it barely came with any tuna. However, the tuna was fresh and tasted good! There was only a few measly pieces of green onion inside.

Negihamachi roll: I didn’t try this because I was too busy trying to finish the other dishes. The boyfriend thought it was okay, but could have used more flavour. Again, the rice was slightly warm.

House roll: The house roll was pretty decent! As with all the rolls, it tasted fresh. It is basically a large California roll with tamago and masago.

BC roll: Nope, not as good as Uomo next door. The salmon was a bit dry and bland and way too fishy.

Here is a picture of the negitoro roll. You can see the small amount of tuna compared to rice, and how little onion there was.

With a seemingly negative review, would I come back? Yes! Although it’s not the BEST, the prices are amazing for what you get. Service is quick and efficient too.

We ordered all this food, with so much leftovers for $25 including tip and tax! Granted, there was a 10% opening discount but $27-29 for all this food is really cheap. It’s a good option for a quick bite in the neighbourhood!

Tentatsu Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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October Lipstick Challenge 2016 – Week 1

This is my first time participating in any sort of makeup challenge! I’ve seen many going around, such as monthly product empty challenges or nail polish challenges, but I knew for SURE that I would fail those. For starters, it takes me months if not over a year to finish products, and I definitely will not be able to paint my nails everyday!  I decided to try this challenge on a whim, after seeing Kristy from Glitter OCD post about it.

Here is what I wore for the first week of the October lip challenge!
colourpop-matte-leather-asian-skinDay 1- Colourpop Lippiestix in shade Leather: I bought a bunch of Colourpop items back in March, but didn’t end up wearing them as much as I wish I would have! I am a big fan of purple lips, so thought I would start with this.

I remember the lippiestix to be more drying, but I guess it’s because I’m more used to matte lips now.
smashbox-witchy-asian-skinDay 2- Smashbox Be Legendary Cream lipstick in shade witchy: Yesssss, vampy shades. I really like this colour, but my one minor gripe with this is the formulation. It leaves coloured specks on my lips, as mentioned in my review.

However, they aren’t too noticeable from afar and I end up dabbing it to smooth it out.
estee-edit-barest-bare-in-the-flesh-asian-skinDay 3- Estee Edit Barest Lip Colour in shade #2, in the flesh. I’m not a huge fan of nude lipsticks on me, but I think this one is growing on me!

As with all Estee Lauder/Estee Edit products, their lipstick formulations are impeccable and I absolutely love them.
make-up-for-ever-rouge-artist-intense-lipstick-in-shade-43-asian-skinDay 4- Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick in Shade 43- Very classic red! This was the first time I wore this lipstick, I think?

I bought it a year ago from the Black Friday or Boxing Day sale, I don’t remember which. I liked how it was creamy and pigmented.
aerin-estee-lipgloss-weekday-asian-skinDay 5- AERIN by Estee Lauder Lipgloss in shade Weekday. Can you tell I love Estee Lauder lip products yet?! This lipgloss is a glossy, natural nude pink. I liked how pigmented it was, even though it was a gloss. Very comfortable to wear and not sticky either.
estee-lauder-pure-colour-envy-reckless-asianDay 6- Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy in #480 Reckless. Again,I haven’t worn this shade before but I really liked it. I would describe it as a plum with pink undertones. It is pigmented but also has a nice sheen.
colourpop-lippiestix-dalia-stila-cabernet-linerDay 7- Colourpop Lippiestix in shade Dalia, and Stila Stay All Day Liner in shade Cabernet. Dalia is a nice wine colour with brown undertones. I also really wanted to test out the Stila lip liner. Dalia went perfectly with it!

Thoughts after week 1: I have been enjoying this challenge a lot! There have been a couple days where I almost forget, because I have to consciously make an effort to remember trying a new shade each day. It really is a challenge because I usually only stick with 2-3 lipsticks in my makeup bag.

This has pushed me out of wearing the usual shades and exploring other colours. There are so many lipsticks I own that I’ve only tried once, or never, prior to this challenge.

Which of these looks did you like the most?

I will write a week 2 recap next week!

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sully mike diy costume monsters inc couples

Monsters Inc. Mike & Sully DIY Costume (No Sewing Necessary) 

For Halloween 2015, the boyfriend and I decided to be Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc! We didn’t do anything big or special last year, just hung out at home and gave out candy. We also decided to watch the movie while giving out candy!

sully mike diy costume monsters inc couplesAs with all my costumes, they are extremely simple to create. I can not sew, and am abysmal at arts/crafts but that doesn’t mean I can’t find ways to save money and come up with costume ideas!


  • Hot glue gun
  • Coloured felt fabric: White, black, light blue, purple
  • 2 Hard hats
  • Monsters Inc logo- Either print one or it’s easy to draw
  • Bright green tshirt
  • Dark turquoise tshirt
  • Blue acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Packing tape (optional for logo on the hard hat)

sully mike diy costume monsters inc couples costume

Mike: You will need the white, black, and light blue fabric. Simply cut out the appropriate shapes for his big eye, surprised looking mouth and teeth. Then, position them on your green shirt before hot gluing the pieces on!

Sully: You will need the white, black, light blue, and purple fabric. Again, cut out the shapes for Sully’s face and horns as shown in my picture. For the purple spots, cut out irregularly shaped ovals and hot glue gun them on the back of the tshirt.

Hats: Can’t forget their safety hats! We were firefighters the year before, so we had leftover hard hats. These are really easy to find at any costume or toy store! Just paint liberally, we painted 3-4 layers before the paint was a nice solid light blue.
diy costume monsters inc logo couples

Then, I found a Monsters Inc logo online and printed two copies out. I then stuck them on the hard hats using tape.

If you’re going to be outdoors, I recommend laminating the logos incase it starts to rain. You can either go to Staples or simply use packing tape to laminate.

There you go! Super simple, no sewing required. This costume is also great with a friend!
sully-mike-diy-costume-monsters-inc-couples-3Happy DIY costuming!

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Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil

It is no surprise that I am a huge Urban Decay fan. I have quite a number of their products, and I absolutely love them all! They also opened up the first Urban Decay freestanding store in Vancouver, which I still have to check out. I am not a big fan of crowds so I figured I would wait a few weeks before going.

I’m currently at school, but I have a break between my classes so I thought I would write my review on this now! I just started a short term, part time job so the next couple of weeks will be dedicated to finishing that project.
urban-decay-247-glide-on-pencilThis Urban Decay 24/7 glide on pencil came in one of the Sephora favourites sets two years ago. I was a bit sad to see that an eyeliner kit wasn’t offered in the Sephora favourites sets this year, but it is understandable as eyeliners aren’t as popular as other products at the moment. But, I am thinking of purchasing the highlighting kit instead!

This is the last product I have tried in that kit, but I really like it so far. I’ve been using this daily in conjunction with my Kat Von D tattoo liner. First, I’ll talk about both shades individually and then review their formula.
urban-decay-247-glide-on-pencil-2On one end of the pencil, is the shade ‘rockstar’. Rockstar is a really unique shade because I still have yet to figure out exactly what colour or shade this is. When I first used this, I thought it was a brown. But, it also has a slight metallic purple tint to it. I guess it depends on the angle, and which type of light you are seeing it from. I think this shade is really, really pretty.

For over seven years now, I’ve been used to using jet black liner shades. Using this shade was one of the few times where I branched away from that, and I really liked it. It gave my eyes a softer look. I’m not a big fan of lining my bottom lash line, because I think it looks too harsh on me.

But when I use a bit of this metallic brown/purple/whatever it is, it looks pretty good!
urban-decay-247-glide-on-pencil-3The other side is your classic, jet black liner in the shade ‘perversion’. Urban Decay also has a line with the same name, you may remember their perversion mascara. I love using this to tightline and line the middle part of my eye, to give it a consistent and thicker look (if that makes any sense, I’m bad at explaining).

Using this is a lot easier to make sure my eyes are lined proportionately, and takes less time! Then, I would use my Kat Von D tattoo liner to wing out the liner, and to clean the look up.
urban-decay-247-glide-on-pencil-4Here is a swatch on both colours. Rockstar looks more like a brown here, but you can kind of see the metallic finish towards the left?

What I love most about both of these is how easy they are to apply. As the name suggests, you can just gently glide this over your lid once. The result is a very pigmented and smooth colour. Rockstar has more of a softer look, while perversion is very jet black. The staying power of these are also amazing. My lids can get oily, but both shades do not smudge the whole day.

In fact, I took the swatch picture above two days ago. I can still see perversion on my hand, even though I’ve washed my hands countless times and showered twice already!

I don’t really have any complaints about the liner. I mean, if I was to be very picky, the pencils are very soft (since they glide on very easily), so perhaps take caution in not pressing that hard. I’ve also dented the liner a couple times when putting the plastic cap on because of how soft it is, but that’s because I’m a klutz.

Once again, Urban Decay has not disappointed. I am a huge fan of these liners and would recommend it for those who are looking for a long lasting, pigmented liner.

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Kilala Sushi 1

Kilala Sushi

Earlier in the summer, myself, the boyfriend, and our friend decided to venture out from our usual sushi joints and try a longstanding but hidden restaurant, Kilala Sushi. They’ve been around for awhile now, and I hear their name getting tossed around from time to time.

Kilala Sushi is an authentic Japanese restaurant, run solely by a husband and wife team. They also specialize in distributing tamago for various restaurants in Vancouver, so this place is half restaurant/half tamago-making factory? I say that because the sitting area itself is quite small but you can see that the back is a bit factory like, with a very big stainless steel kitchen.
Kilala SushiAppetizer sashimi, $5.95: The appetizer sashimi comes with three pieces of tuna, and two pieces of salmon. The salmon was average, but the tuna was really good. It was very soft and buttery, and melted in your mouth.
Kilala Sushi 2Tamago roll, $2.25: As I mentioned above, they specialize in tamago, so it was only natural to try it! The tamago was sweet, fluffy, and tasted fresh. I really liked how it had a fluffy texture, as a lot of places I’ve been to have a harder texture with dried edges (which means it’s not fresh and has fried out).

Negitoro roll, $3.00: The boyfriend and I ALWAYS order negitoro roll, so we had to try Kilala’s version of it! It was pretty good, and above average. Just like the tuna sashimi, the tuna in here was also soft and buttery. It was filled with lots of green onion too. They definitely did not skimp out on the tuna and the onion.
Kilala Sushi 1Hmmm, I don’t recall what these two rolls were called and I can’t find anything similar on the online menu! Sorry.

Even though I don’t remember what they were called, I remember how they tasted! Both tasted very fresh, and were filling. Just look at how big that salmon sashimi is inside the roll!

All in all, Kilala serves quality and authentic sushi, and the three of us enjoyed our meal. Everything was fresh, and even though there was only one server (the wife, husband was the chef), service was quick and friendly.

The only downside of this place is that it is quite hidden behind a bush and the seating is also a cramped.

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